About Us

Former professional athlete, born in Ukraine who was an undergraduate and graduate student in the USA.

Ayman Barakat- studied business and finance and also received an MBA in innovation management.

I am coming with entrepreneurial spirit throughout my life. I early produced from scratch two products and was introducing them to the market. Have several patents.

Founded a sport recruiting firm, one of the largest in Ukraine.

Owned a fast-casual Mexican style restaurant.

Introduced affordable Chinese electric cars for Ukrainian businesses. Attracted investors into this market that helped business owners to save thousands of dollars.

Have been working as a financial manager in the accounting firm. Moreover, was a part-time head of production division of the company that is considered one of the largest electronics suppliers in Ukraine. Ayman was developing products for them and adapting them to local markets, selling them and be in charge of logistics supply chain for more than a year.

Have extensive experience with Asian factories for over six years. Was collaborating with lawyers in China to sign proper contracts for manufacturing, quality control and timely delivery to customers.

Ayman has attended several business conferences, including CES as a part of another product developing company.

Currently a resident of Canada, living in Toronto, ON, building a new tech company that presently has three innovative projects undergoing and also developing three more products to be released later this or next year.

The vision statement for the business:  "People deserve quality and innovative products at affordable prices."