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Nintendo PowerCase Battery cases for Nintendo Switch

We found the problem that Nintendo Switch can usually last up to 4 hours of gaming time on average.

What would you do when your battery is getting low?

There is always the simplest solution. Use your original charger!

But what can you do if charging outlet is just too far away?

If something like that happens, the second solution comes to mind: Use a regular Power Bank!

Looks like problem solved if you don’t try to set your Switch on the table.

But here comes another problem, you cannot charge Switch while playing in a table top mode because the input is located on the bottom of the device.

If you take the power bank with you, you can’t put it in any case with the Switch, and it is very inconvenient and can weigh your bag down.

Furthermore, we saw that there are some producers of portable cases for Switch. However, their products are usually:

  • Expensive
  • Do not have enough battery capacity to make your gaming experience pleasurable and lasting.
  • Heavy or bulky
  • Do not offer any protection for your device
  • Do not provide flip case power bank option

We considered the following findings and created the OBAK PowerCase. An affordable way of portable playing without limits.

It has 10,000 mAh battery

It has a built-in kickstand that you can use however you like

The output from USB C is 2.0A that allows charging your Nintendo Switch fast and at the same time protect it from overheating and battery killing through extensive use.

We have a very convenient feature that allows you to play and charge your Switch while charging the power bank and Nintendo

Switch at the same time.

When you connect your original or any other USB C power supply to our input USB C slot, Nintendo Switch is charged first until it is fully charged, then power bank is charged afterward.

It allows you to wear our case all the time and charge your consoles without taking it off.

Our device allows you to charge your surrounding devices while playing.

We thought that our customers would love an inbuilt USB, so we did it. It has 2.1A output, and you can easily charge your phone, tablet or other portable devices.

With OBAK PowerCase you can have compact EVA case where you can safely put your Switch.

Charge it on the go.

And if you want, you can play your games without taking the device out.

We used a Velcro technology so that you can attach your device safely inside of the EVA case, so it does not move while moving and additionally will provide you with an opportunity to use it as a stand.

This part of the case also provides 4 game slots.

Our case will give you 10+ hours of battery life.

We offer three colors for you:

- Red

- Blue

- Black

We know that people differ and some of you prefer flip cover cases instead of hard shell ones.

That’s why we are offering three flip cover options for you too. Colors stay the same:

- Red

- Blue

- Black

Battery capacity stays identical.